Any online slot game player should always look for advantages when they play. Any edge that a player can find will give them more action for their playing dollar. Canadians already enjoy not having to pay the local governments a share of their winnings, but other advantages can be found if one knows how to look for them.

A good place to start is casino bonuses. Many online casinos offer generous sign-up and reload bonuses that will stretch a player’s playing dollar a lot further. Some online casinos in Canada offer as much as $5,000 in bonus casino chips just for becoming a member and making deposits. Special seasonal and weekly promotions can add even more free play, depending on the action a player chooses.

It’s important for players to take advantage of VIP points as well. These programs will reward play that can be converted into casino chips and even cash depending on the promotion. For example, some online casinos run promotions that offer online slot game players 100% match bonuses – sometimes up to seven times per week.

The best tip for online slot game players is to practice bankroll management. Players need to make sure that the stakes level they choose is the proper size for the amount of money they want to play with for a given session.