BJ Trainer

You are your own best blackjack trainer. There are some computer games for PCs that include blackjack in the software, but it would be the same as playing for free in an online casino. And when you are playing for free in an online casino, the use of their software is free rather than going out and buying a computer game. But neither the PC game nor the casino software can tell you whether you played a hand wrong or not.


Memorizing and recalling the terms and rules for blackjack is simple enough. It is the basic strategy chart that is harder to remember—most basic strategy charts have 310 plays on them. And to master basic strategy, which is the best and most recommended way to play blackjack, you need to have all memorized to the point that you can look at your cards and the dealer’s up card and automatically know which action to take for your hand.


The easiest way to be your own blackjack trainer is to practice. Pull up an online casino in a free play mode, and in another window pull up a basic strategy chart in another window so that you can have both side by side. Play for awhile referencing the chart before deciding what play to make. After a few hours or days, whatever you are comfortable with, try to remember what the basic strategy chart says and check it to see if you were right or not before you actually make the play in the game. Keep practicing like this until you are confident that you can remember what play to make as soon as you see your hand and the dealer’s up card. Keep practicing until you feel thoroughly confident that you are playing perfect basic strategy.


Also practice playing with your betting strategy too. The free play modes that online casinos offer will give a player $1,000 to $3,000 in play money to wager with. Practice using your betting strategy, getting used to how your bet—when to lower the amount of your wager and when to raise it. This will train you to become used to the feeling of betting, losing and winning.


Repetition is the best way to acquire a new skill. This is why as your own blackjack trainer you need to make yourself practice. The more practicing you do the easier you brain will recall how to play each hand. In time you will not even have to look at a chart. You will know exactly what play to make and you will be confident in how you play, which should be the goal as your own blackjack trainer.


Yes, in addition to PC games and free play modes in online casinos there are also books and videos that experts write that you can learn from. But even still you are your own blackjack trainer as you are the one choosing which books to read and which videos to watch. And while books and videos can be good sources to learn about the game, playing over and over again in an online casino’s free play mode is still the best way to create the repetition necessary to memorize how to play.